12/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mmm, Kool Aid Yummy...

For years the GOP has been catering to stupid people. Yes, stupid. People who think it is bad to be elite. Elite means the best, and now that is a sin. Being a part of the East Coast Ivy League is a crime. So, Bush and Bush and Kissinger and Buckley are all crooks,huh? When John McCain took the mike from the woman in the red t-shirt,the woman who looked like Bruce Vilanch from a rear shot, the woman who said she couldn't trust Obama because he was an Arab (I bet she could trust Omar Sharif if he hit on her)it could have been a signal moment. This was a stupid thing for her to say,and for one shining moment,John McCain looked like he had his fill of the ignoramuses he was forced to beg for votes. The he killed it by saying Obama wasn't an Arab, he was a decent human being! So doltish it almost seemed like satire. Here are some other examples of how dumb has rubbed off of the GOP:

Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, a man who is so mired in dumb,he needs a beach noodle to stay afloat,is scared of President-elect Obama, he starting talking all crazy. He said that because Obama wanted to estabish a domestic authority to take the load off of the military so that they can be ued to their maxiimum usefulness, he is a Marxist, a nazi, a dictator.

Okay,Paul,nazis are fascists and communists are not. Make up your mind. He went on to say that this theory of his may sound crazy or off base. You're right, Paul you sound like a crazy person who is wandering through his own cranium trying to scavenge what particles of grey matter may actually exist there. Oh, and the military loves him too for banning Playboy type mags from the bases. He's probably the guy who writes all the Penthouse letters (and boy are his hands tired).

Then there is the Republican National Committee. They need a new chairperson. Two men are front runners right now. One is Newt Gingrich and the other is former Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. Newt was the guy who led the GOP tidal wave that changed the face of Congress and gave us Tom Delay as majority crook and Jack Abramoff as fixer for the crooks. Newt held on to power for awhile,then was fed to the wolves by his own tribe and now can be seen on Fox News in between flights of foolishness when he thinks he could be elected president (stop it,its not polite to laugh).

Better yet is Michael Steele,former Lt. Governor of Maryland, and a candidate for the senate in 2006,a contest he lost. Now he wants to be the chairman of the RNC. This is the same thinking that gave us Sarah Palin. Hillary Clinton was popular, so lets run our own gal. Barack Obama is Black,we'll counter with our own Black guy, a guy who lost a senate contest, a guy who ninety per cent of America couldn't identify if they had his autograph.

There are others,like Brent Bozell saying that Obama is a socialist and one week later saying he ran as a right winger.You see kids,if you go to a bad school, you don't learn as much as when you go to a good school. When you hobnob among the dumb,you start thinking that way. By the way, Palin never denied thinking Africa is a country. At least she didn't think it was a state. Did she?