07/13/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin Comparison

Sarah Palin is really steamed at David Letterman about his remarks concerning her daughter. So steamed, in fact, that she indicated she wouldn't let her 14 year-old daughter near Letterman, a man Palin never fails to remind us is 62 years old. The inference is that he wouldn't be able to stop from molesting Willow, the daughter, all evidence to the contrary. Letterman has invited Palin on his show to hash this out -- his joke about her daughter getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. Governor Palin responded by saying she wouldn't give him the publicity.

Of course she wouldn't give him the publicity. Why share it? She is doing just fine exploiting her family all by herself. Her daughter Bristol (who was having unprotected sex before she was old enough to vote) was paraded around with the rest of the Palin clan, and Bristol's baby daddy Levi Johnston was front and center on the convention stage. Of course, a few months later, Levi was dumped like nuclear waste to spare Palin the embarrassment of reminding people Levi's mother was indicted for being a meth mule.

In fact, there is a much more embarrassing fact or two about Palin's village prior to her election to the Governor's mansion. When Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, (population 7000) it claimed two notorious statistics. First, it is the methamphetamine capital of Alaska, a fact that won't be seen on Alaskan license plates up next to "The Last Frontier". Second, when Palin was mayor, if a woman was raped, she had to pay for her own rape kit. The kit that is used to help identify the perpetrator of this horrible crime, and perhaps let the victim know of any sexually transmitted diseases she might have suffered during the assault.

Palin said it would be crazy to charge for a rape kit, (which can cost up to twelve hundred dollars) but she also knew about the fee Wasillans had to incur. She denied she knew it was in the budget, but she also bragged about going over the town budget line by line. She also redecorated her office with taxpayer money, some of these funds coming from women paying for a kit that the rest of America supplies for free.

The next time Palin busts Letterman about the statutory rape of her daughter, be thankful that the imagined crime didn't take place when she was the mayor of Wasilla, or Willow would have to spring for her own rape kit. Seems scummy doesn't it? Yes, all of it does, the publicity hungry hypocritical exploiter of her own family could hock a sofa in her office and pay for the kit, but a poor state like Alaska doesn't provide for the rest of its citizens quite so well. Yes, I agree. It makes my skin crawl too.