10/04/2014 03:34 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2014

Put Your Money Where Your Big Mouth Is

A few years ago,Bill O' Reilly,host of a highly rated show on Fox News said he didn't think people who opposed the Bush/Cheney Iraq War were traitors,they were just bad Americans. Sean Hannity,another Fox host, had harsh criticism for people who marched in freezing cold weather to oppose this war.

Let me start by saying that if Mr. O'Reilly has a spare moment,he can kiss my ass. Unless he has personally apologized to the families of the over four thousand soldiers who died in this conflict,than I think HE is a bad American. It should also be noted that Mr. O'Reilly never served his country in war time.

Mr. Hannity beseeches his audience to contribute to the Wounded Warriors Project,a charity that ostensibly helps soldiers who have lost limbs,sight,or the ability to reason to get on with their lives.It should also be noted that Mr. Hannity never served his country in war time.

I have a better idea. I think every millionaire broadcaster who pushed for this spectacular failure of a conflict should contribute one million dollars a year to this charity. Yes,one million dollars. Every year until they die,then they should leave a huge sum for this project in their will.

I think Dick Cheney should go even a step further. I think he should emulate Warren Buffet and leave no money to his family (all adults with money of their own) and leave every dime he has reaped from his career at Halliburton to the families who lost family in this war. Let it be noted that Dick Cheney used five deferments to avoid being sent to fight in Vietnam,saying he other important things to do. So did the four thousand Mr. Cheney,so did they.