10/07/2008 10:47 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Saying What You Are...

Next to agents and producers, the worst audience for a comedian is politicians and pundits. Some of these people think Michael Savage is funny, which is like being glad that Larry King is attracted to your widowed aunt. Really funny guys like Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert , and Ray Romano, while getting laughs, have been criticized for their performance in front of the D.C. press,no one thinking they killed. The audience had a collective stroke when Bill Maher dropped the F-bomb at some Washington Press Club do.

So when Barack Obama slapped obvious in the face by observing that he is Black ,(the "no face like mine on the money" spiel) John MCain went all gooey and started yelling "race card". That's not it, John. You are bereft of a funny bone. You think singing "Bomb Bomb Iran" is funny. Oh,my knee hurts from slapping it! You told a vile joke about Chelsea Clinton,Janet Reno,and the Clintons. You told it at a dinner. You laughed the loudest. Not a good sign,senor chuckles.

Oh,the two facedness of it all! If Joe Lieberman had become Veep and said at a dinner,"speaking as a member of the chosen people,I hope to see my face on a five,because you know how we like to be close to money!" I wonder if McCain would accuse Joe of playing the "Jew card", which at the Lieberman house is probably a night of poker/mah jongg.

If McCain is this desperate,desperate enough to hire the algae from Karl Rove's hull to spew "the message", the bashing will backfire,and then it is an evening of McCain at the Chuckle Hutch. Please tip your waitress.