01/24/2009 01:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ten Things that Made me Sad this Week

1) Governor David Paterson selling his soul for the sake of winning another four years as NY governor by appointing a pro NRA mediocrity to replace Hillary Clinton. The next time an inner city child is murdered by an illegal handgun, ponder your choice, guv. Is it worth winning upstate?

2) President Obama even mentioning Limbaugh. He is not worthy of your consideration, Mr. President, and does not merit your mouth forming the shape to say his name.

3) Despite his expanding girth, Dick Morris has not yet exploded. He predicted Obama would be out by '12, and considering the Dick's record of accurate predictions, the POTUS should be elated.

4) A heroin being sold in NYC is labeled "Obama". The dealers should get another decade in the can just for that.

5) IF Susan Sarandon actually had members of the press kicked out of a Creative Coalition soiree, she defeats its own purpose. You'd talk to them if you had a film coming out.

6) The emergence and receding of Caroline Kennedy as a public figure. Her quietude was an asset, and now she will remembered for this bizarre escapade of "yes I do/no I don't."

7) Tom Hanks backing off his "un-American" label for Mormons who worked for passage of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California. It IS un-American to deny some US citizens the rights guaranteed to all American citizens.

8) Clint Eastwood not being nominated for an Oscar for Gran Torino. He was transcendent.

9) Another year has started and the NFL team in Washington still has the nickname 'Redskins'. It is a disgrace.

10) Thirteen percent of Texans believe that George W. Bush will be remembered as one of the five greatest presidents ever. Wow, those people can really drink.