10/18/2011 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 18, 2011

Wanna Bet?

That none of the Fox News people who tell you that Wall Street protestors smell bad have been down there for even a minute?

That Herman Cain, who said if you lost your job it's your fault, has never spoken to a person whose job was outsourced?

That Monica Crowley, who called Wall Street protestors idiots, thinks that everything Ted Nugent says is just fine with her?

That Brian Kilmeade has said that if the protestors are really at Wall Street, where's the wall?

That all the people who call Obama a Marxist think he appeared in Animal Crackers?

That Dick Morris went down to the protest just to bum food?

That Geraldo Rivera came away from the protest with a three minute segment and four phone numbers?

That Dennis Miller thought "Occupy Wall Street" was a sequel, made a Charlie Sheen joke, found it wasn't a movie, and told the joke anyway.

That because of his clothing, Larry the Cable Guy successfully infiltrated the protestors camp until he started humming country music in his sleep?

That hedge fund managers think Gordon Gekko was depicted as too easygoing and ethical?

That if Bernie Madoff walked onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, he'd get a standing ovation?