02/29/2016 02:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

An Ode to Bob the Dachshund

I saw him on Sunday, and on Friday, he was gone. Maybe it's selfish to think so, but I like to think he waited to see me one last time before he moved on. Maybe he wanted to spare me the anguish of watching him suffer or maybe it was just meant to be. I guess we'll never know. Bob has been a fixture in my life since the 8th grade. He's been a snuggle buddy, a bed partner, and a constant source of comfort. Even though he has become progressively grouchier as he's gotten older, I know that he loved me in his own way.


Though I miss him terribly, I know that he is no longer suffering which helps alleviate the pain I feel. I don't think there will be a time when I won't miss Bob. He was quite the character. I know going home will be difficult over spring break because his absence will be felt. Since I'm at school, it feels very abstract for me. But I know when I go home, I will feel the same pain again.

I will miss his 6:30am wake up calls, and I will miss his snoring and grumbling throughout the night. I'll miss how he would snuggle under my blankets when he woke up in the morning, and how he would climb on top of my chest and lick my face when he wanted me to take him downstairs. I'll miss how he would beg incessantly for food in spite of his pancreatitis and how he would have spurts of athleticism to obtain said food. I'll miss his constant licking of the sofa, and the battle over the blue blanket. I'll miss his reliable way in how he liked to snuggle and how he would waddle around the house. I'll miss carrying him up the stairs when it was time to go to bed, and carrying him out into the yard to do his business. I'll miss taking him on walks in the wheelbarrow and watching him speed waddle up the driveway. I'll miss his sneezing fits, and how he would squeeze his eyes shut as he sneezed in the most dramatic way possible. I'll miss our times curled up on the bathroom carpet at the old house, enjoying the benefits of the heated floor and each other's company. I'll miss taking pictures of him and documenting his antics because he was a peculiar dog. I'll miss sneaking him bits of food when I thought Mom wasn't watching, and watching him gobble it up with delight. I'll miss hearing his "food bark" at 3:30 when he wanted dinner, and the look he would give me when I said no. I'll miss watching him play with Arthur and then saunter off when he was finished and didn't want to play anymore. I'll miss catching him eating Arthur's food, watch him look up at me, then keep eating until I took away the food. I'll miss our snuggles and naps on the couch and how he would snuggle against me. I'll miss carrying him around the house and bringing him wherever I went. I'll miss hearing him walk around the house and asking to come up onto the couch to snuggle.


I miss everything about Bob and our time together, but I know he's in a better place. I don't know where this place is, but I hope to be someday so we can be reunited once more. Wherever Bob is, I know he is being taken care of by Emmy, and perhaps by Justin, another dear friend taken too soon.

Dogs are truly part of the family. We love them like family, and they love us back just the same. Dogs are truly noble creatures who bear no ill will or agenda. They simply want to love and be loved. I miss you Bob, and I will always love and miss you.