04/03/2015 11:32 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2015

You're Just Spending Your Time On Something Else

Aviator70 via Getty Images

You do have time to work on your projects. You're just spending it on something else, which is fine.

Be aware that you are making the choice and be clear about your decision. No one is victimizing you. No one else is in charge of your time.

"But I have a boss! And kids! And a spouse!" I know. Me too. And there's the animals and the paperwork and the garden and the basement and the church and the family and the car repair and the dinner party and the charity event and the choir concert and the business to run. And that's just this weekend.

But still, there are snatches of time that are your own. You can wake up 15 minutes earlier. You can ask someone else in the house to prepare supper so you might work for 15 minutes. You can turn off the TV for one sitcom. Even grabbing five-minute increments at work is better than nothing.

I know it's not easy to ask other people to change their routine to accommodate your need to be an artist. But it is worth the discomfort. And if you feel that you truly can't, then you can't, so quit giving yourself such a hard time about it.

Admit to yourself with a full and humble heart that now is not a good time for you to be working on your project. Mentally set your project in a file folder labeled, "Next Summer" or "After the First of the Year" or whatever and seal it with a kiss.

You are doing an excellent job of living your life. No one could possibly do a better job.

Be proud of your decisions.