02/24/2015 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Would You Post This On Facebook?


Recently I have been seeing some absolutely crazy things happening on Facebook. I don't know about you, but I believe that there has to be a line between what is appropriate to post on Facebook and what is just absolutely nutty. Social media should be a place to share things with your friends. However, there is a time and a place for everything and in my opinion, things like the list below just shouldn't be posted on Facebook.


What do you think of these types of posts?

--Posting photos within minutes of saying "I do." Call me crazy but on my wedding day, I was very focused on being in the moment and focusing on my husband and the guests present. I was not running to post on Facebook that the marriage was final.

Do you really need to validate your wedding via social media?

--Posting updates from the ambulance when their child is being rushed to the emergency room. Recently, I saw several people actually post that they were in an ambulance with their child on the way to the hospital. I understand that Facebook might be a quick way to tell people what is going on, but wouldn't you just text your inner circle and then focus on the situation at hand?

--Posting the play by play of their wife's labor or a woman posting her own labor. Really? During labor? Don't you have something else to focus on?

--Posting updates from a police car when being hauled in for violating an order of protection. I saw someone post a photo from the police car with handcuffs on. I don't know about you but I would have been a little preoccupied with what was going to happen next and not concerned with my Facebook page.

--Starting an argument publicly on someone's page. My question is why would someone want to air their dirty laundry publicly? If you are itching for a fight, pick up the phone and call the person. Or better yet, get together face to face. We don't want to hear or read your fight.

--Posting a photo on their ex's page from way back when, even though the ex is with someone else currently. It's obvious you are trying to stir something up, why do it publicly? And just because your ex and their current get into a fight over this does not necessarily mean he/she will come back to you. It probably just means they will have hot makeup sex once the fight blows over.

--Posting a document with their home address on it and personal details. Have these people never heard of identity theft and kidnapping? What kind of idiot posts personal info on a public forum? Oh, I know! An idiot.

--Posting sexual details. This is not the Playboy channel. Our kids looks at Facebook. Why do you think it's okay to post sexually explicit photos and descriptions on your facebook page?

--Posting their own stuff on someone else's page without asking if it's okay. This one bugs me. Don't post things on my wall without asking me if it's okay. My friends, not YOUR friends see my wall; I should get to choose what MY friends see.

--Posting text messages from people they are dating with the person's full names so everyone can see the back and forth. We are glad you are dating and having playful banter exchange. However, I am guessing that the guy whose full name is prominently displayed on the text message photo you put on your wall who asked you if you are wearing any panties or worse yet, describing his you know what in detail, would have probably preferred you kept your text messages off of your Facebook wall. Just sayin...

--Breaking up with someone on Facebook. Really? Can't you just break up with someone privately? Was it really that bad between the two of you? Do you really hate him or her that much that you have to break up with them for all the world to see?

What other outrageous Facebook posts drive you crazy?

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