02/13/2015 11:33 am ET Updated Apr 15, 2015

For Friday the 13th: 20 of the Scariest Phrases a Parent Can Hear

It's Friday the 13th! Instead of watching scary movies or old Twilight Zone episodes, read this post. If it doesn't terrify you, you're not a parent. I present.... the top 100 scaaaaaaaaaary things a parent can hear.

1. "I'm going to have to stay late at work today"- spouse
2. "Madison is having a bit of a tough time during circle time"- preschool teacher
3. "I'm just going to pop over for a bit sometime this weekend with some gifts for the kids"- mother-in-law
4. "Madison is having a bit of a tough time with not hitting our other friends"- preschool teacher
5. "We're going to need a few things for the class project"- 2nd grade teacher
6. "There's hand foot and mouth going around the class" - preschool teacher
7. "I feel like I'm going to throw up"- Madison
9. "Hmmm.... taking off again?"- boss
10. "What happened to that sweater I gave you for your birthday last month?" - mother-in-law
11. "They need me to travel to a conference next week"- spouse
12. "Did Tyler forget the cereal boxes and newspapers that he needed to bring in for the class project?"- 2nd grade teacher
13. "Everyone else's mom remembered the cereal boxes"- Tyler
14. "There's lice going around the class"- preschool teacher
15. "My head itches"- Madison
16. "My head itches"- Tyler
17. "My head itches"- self
18. "The conference is for a week and it's in London"- spouse
19."Actually, I'm feeling sick and I don't want to get the kids sick"- babysitter.
20. "My mother will just help out during the time I'm gone"- soon to be ex spouse

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