06/08/2015 06:38 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2016

Makeup Advice for Job Interviews

If you are currently in search of a new job, a better job or even your first job, it is only a matter of time before you are called in for an in-person interview. First impressions are key, and like it or not, your initial 'look' could have a lot to do with you landing that job.

The goal of this interview should be to demonstrate your competencies, qualifications and attention to detail; however, you should be prepared to look the part. Your appearance is the first thing the interviewer will see and, consciously or subconsciously, snap judgments will be made.

Less is more when it comes to makeup application for your interviews. You never want your makeup to be distracting to the interviewer when you are in the hot seat. You want people to remember you, and not the baby blue eye shadow you chose because you thought it would set you apart from the other applicants.

Below are some tips to use before your next interview:

1) Wear lipstick, not lip gloss. Gloss is shiny and gives off a youthful impression. You will look more sophisticated in a nude or light color lipstick

2) Don't overload on the foundation, a light base of your liquid, cream or powder foundation should be enough. Use concealer to hide any blemishes

3) Use a layer of blush or bronzer to give your face a healthy glow

4).Skip the liquid liner (even if you are good at it) and opt for a gel or pencil eyeliner

5) Slightly play down your signature looks- For example, if you love a red lip you might want to opt for a red lip stain to tone it down. Or, if an extreme cat eye is your thing, you might want to opt for a chic kitten flick instead

6) Use neutral colors on your lid. Save your bright and bold eye shadows for a night out after you have landed that job

7) Don't forget the mascara. Mascara will help open your eyes up and make you look awake and alert during your interview

It is important to still look and feel like yourself in your interviews, you don't want to veer too far away from what you know and are comfortable with. Use makeup as a tool to assist in the interview and not as the main presentation.