10/21/2013 07:07 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2013

Top 8 Reasons Why the Tea Party Really Hates Obamacare

I know we live in partisan times but I am still mystified by the extreme level of hatred that the Tea Party has for Obamacare. Sure, there have been problems with the website but those are inevitable growing pains of a massive health care overhaul in the United States which is long overdue; expecting perfection from the outset is unrealistic.

Also, the ACA is still a necessary step towards helping uninsured Americans obtain coverage at affordable rates and is certainly no worse than the status quo. The private sector is fleecing us and so anything that makes even a dent in this corrupt system is at least worth a try, right? Funnily enough, many 'grassroots' Tea Party members are the same low income people who lack decent health care and yet they cannot stand having an option!

So what is really behind this irrational hatred that the Tea Party has for Obamacare? Here are the top 8 reasons:

8. Obamacare covers mental illness but not the downright insanity of the Tea Party.
7. Tea Partiers can only crash the website so many times before it gets fixed.
6. Rand Paul, who was an eye doctor, is pissed that Obamacare doesn't include vision.
5. Not only can gay people marry, but now they will be healthy too!
4. Congressional Tea Partiers thought that Obamacare was a free daycare center where they could leave their kids while they worked to sabotage Obama, but were furious when they discovered it wasn't.
3. Good health advice might lead people to give up fried food and chewing tobacco, thus destroying the economies of most states dominated by the Tea Party.
2. The Koch Brothers have no use for Obamacare since it won't cover prescriptions for Viagra.

And the number one reason that the Tea Party really hates Obamacare:

1.The Tea Party wants to launch its own health care plan called Wedontcare.

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