02/01/2013 07:16 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2013

10 Cheap Things To Do In Singapore (PHOTOS)

The planet's richest Chinese-majority country has the third-highest per capita GDP in the world (a GDP that is 22 per cent higher than that of the United States). A generous dollop of that wealth courses through Singapore on February 10, 2013, when the Chinese usher in the Year of the Snake, and little red ang pow or hong bao envelopes stuffed with bills exchange hands all over the city-state.

But budget travelers fear not. In a country where a brand new 2012 Toyota Camry costs $146,000, and million-dollar Ferraris and Lamborghinis are driven on the roads -- not just parked in driveways -- daily, there are plenty of alternatives that won't send your checking account into cardiac arrest.

Photos by Sanjay Surana unless noted.

10 Cheap Things to Do and See in Singapore