11/24/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Unplug And Recharge: Everyday Yoga -- Give Your Hips A Break

"Unplug and Recharge" is a new Living series which aims to give you, our dear readers, a quick break from your day -- whether you have as much time as ten minutes or as little as two. Following the success of our Oasis at the DNC, we're hoping to give you a little cyber-oasis -- a place to escape -- where you can take a moment to unplug, relax, and recharge.

Whether it's sitting at your desk, driving your car, or slumping on the couch, we all spend way to much time sitting! And our bodies pay the price. We feel this when the backs of our legs are tight, we have low back pain, or our digestion is sluggish. Simply taking five minutes to stand up and stretch your legs and your hips will increase circulation in your lower body again. Not only will your hips thank you, but your breath will deepen and your thoughts will clarify--so you can get back to work with more ease and inspiration.