12/02/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

How New York State Could Decide This Election

I'm currently working out of the NY campaign office and while every day comes and goes as a blur of ups and downs, the tight knot in my stomach is fixed. In the back of my mind I am constantly anticipating the possible emotions that might come with an Obama victory, as well as the personal trauma that could come with an Obama defeat.

Conversations about either outcome are nearly nonexistent in the office. The knot in my stomach simply serves as a constant reminder- This is it.

There's no time to focus on what could be...everyone at 52 Broadway recognizes that we have the power to determine what will be.

You see in the office, at three am, the printers are buzzing, call sheets are printed and logistics are nailed down as volunteers and staffers prepare to launch another weekend of "Last Call For Change." Taking a lead from the city that never sleeps, the individuals who maintain the campaign office have proven themselves to be incredibly resilient and dedicated. Polls, newspapers, and blogs, have been put on hold as the NY campaign continues to focus on the immediate task at hand, ensuring that our "blue state" does everything it can to help elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.

The energy and activism displayed by NY volunteers is incredible even for this Democratic stronghold. Understanding that New York is "safe" volunteers have put their lives on hold to travel to a battleground state or to spend their weekends and even weekdays calling battleground states. To date, records have already been shattered; the number of calls made, the number of volunteers recruited, the number of volunteers sent out of state, all of these numbers indicate that New Yorkers understand that although they might not be discussed in the national news, they have the potential to make a national impact.

David Pollak, the Obama campaign's NY State Director elaborated on the potentials of this impact.

"Never before has New York been able to play such a critical role in helping to win the Presidency. But this year we will be making millions of calls to get out the vote in battleground states."

In spite of the resounding activism, Mr. Pollak emphasized that more was needed from New York.

"We can't do it without the help of every single Obama supporter in the state. If we don't do it, no one will."

Mr. Pollak's point speaks to the underlying theme of the Obama campaign's 50 state strategy. As the Obama campaign aggressively pursues swing states, operations in safe states remain a central piece of the campaign's overall Get out the Vote effort. Every state has a role to play in this final push.

Fliers on the walls of the office address this role and read "Yes We Can Phonebank" and "America Needs New York." The volunteers who fill the office are passionate and eager. From the Grandmother who has been campaigning since McGovern to the 7 year old who pleaded with her father to take her to Pennsylvania "New York is Democrat, duh" she piped in when discussing where they would their spend their weekend. High School students come in after class and on weekends, full time employees come in on their lunch breaks. Even Sarah Jessica Parker spent several hours of her afternoon last week making volunteer recruitment calls and effusively thanked everyone for their hard work on her way out.

Yesterday, the day after Halloween, thousands of volunteers throughout the state helped make phone calls cell phones in hand they arrived at staging locations and received training and support. Some who were uncomfortable on the phone supported data entry efforts or joined visibility teams to help spread the word for the last "Last Call for Change" of the election.

Over the next three days the focus will probably on Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania, New York has the opportunity to surprise the nation. Please remember that polls don't win elections, votes do.

Don't wait any longer, visit to find a phone bank location near you.

If you really think about it, we have an opportunity to write a fitting ending to the saga that has been the 2008 Presidential campaign. After a Democratic primary cycle that earned itself comparisons to 1968, Hillary Clinton's home state could be instrumental in tipping the scale. Talk about coming together...

The next three days will determine the next four years- pass this information along to every person you know, or even people that you only sort of know, and encourage them to join you. TIVO all of your favorite news shows, book mark all of your favorite online articles, they will all be there on November 5th, this opportunity will not.

There are three days left.

We need you.