09/08/2010 11:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Voting for Bieber, It's Not Just a VMAs Thing

If you're like me, by now you've already cast a ballot, or twenty, for Justin Bieber who is up for Best New Artist at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Yet the truth is that this isn't the only time Bieber needs you to vote for him, and next time around there's more at stake than a moon man. Elections are taking place this November 2nd across America that will impact Bieber's future...and ours.

In a submission to the Vote Again 2010 video contest, announced last month, Campus Progress is making it clear that this fall, we're voting on behalf of celebrities who can't, celebrities like Justin Bieber. While "the Biebs," may be too young to vote, those of us with the right shouldn't take it for granted.

Ultimately, Election Day puts us in a position of power: Members of Congress may have the power to vote for or against legislation, but young voters have the power to vote for or against every one of them on November 2nd.

The fact is that we don't need a newspaper or a 5 month old study to tell us what we will or will not do, and contrary to what you may have heard; this election isn't about party allegiances, it's about the future of our country.

So this Nov. 2, Vote Again. If not for it for Bieber.

Check out for more information no how you can vote again in 2010. It's not too late to register/ re-register if you've moved since the last election!

Enough about us. Why are YOU voting again in 2010? Click here to submit your own video to the Vote Again 2010 video contest!

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