05/27/2016 02:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lesbians & Straight Dudes Are The Ultimate Best Friends

As Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family have so enlightened me, there are simple venn diagrams when it comes to the sexes and the rules of friendship:

cam and mitch

But even the progressive Modern Family has neglected the fearsome potential of lesbian and straight men friendships. What's up with the idea that straight men and lesbians are supposed to be mortal enemies? Shouldn't they be bffaeae? They both be after yo girl.

You always hear about the archetypical "gay best friend", which almost always refers to straight women having a gay male friend to gossip and share fashion tips with. Unfortunately this ideal is pretty un-inclusive and enforces gender normative roles. There's no reason gay women and straight men shouldn't be privy to the same tight bonds.

And it's not just because straight men and lesbians share a sexual preference for women. As Madison Clark suggests in the video above, both orientations have similar relationship struggles and they could help each other out if only they'd open up. For the lesbians, they gain a friend they can "bro down" with. For the straight dudes, your lesbian friends probably have the best advice on your lady issues, whatever they may be, because they know both sides of the proverbial coin.

Madison Clark considers herself a collector of people, places and memories. She craves the touch of permanence in a world filled with the fickle and the fleeting. Follow Madison on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.