12/21/2012 05:43 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

5 Last Minute Gifts for the Job Seeker


Being unemployed during the holidays can take twice the toll on someone looking for work. If you know a person whose job search spirits you'd like to lift, here are some thoughtful gifts to help them land a job.

1. Resume Assistance

Let's start at the beginning. It's not unusual to experience closed doors that your resume simply can't seem to budge open. Getting guidance and enhancements may be the answer job seekers need to get their resume in tip top shape and in the hands of the hiring manager. To help them out, consider a gift certificate to Resume Deli. In addition to resume reviews, they offer cover letter help and interviewing techniques.

2. Fill the Gaps

If your job seeking friends are going to have some explaining to do as to why they have a gap in their resume, help them fill it with a gift certificate to take a class in their career field or keep them up to date with a subscription to a magazine related to the industry they are in. Their ability to be up to date will supersede any concerns of time off.

3. Keep Up Their Spirits

To cheer someone up who may be feeling low as their job hunt continues, boost their confidence with a gift certificate to their favorite clothing store to update their interview outfit or treat them to a haircut, salon treatments like a manicure, or gym membership, yoga classes, or other "stress outlet" activity. When they are feeling good, they are more likely to put their best self forward in their interviews.

4. Splurge Worthy Supplies

Updated technology can speed up a job seeker's response time and/or ability to apply to jobs faster. Consider a new iPhone or Android with a prepaid calling plan or an iPad to make response time via email easy while on the go. Or how about a gift certificate to a coffee shop that has WiFi so they can enjoy a cup of Joe while searching for work.

5. Speed Up Their Search

Let them know about headhunters that can find them opportunities quicker, like Apple One or Aquent, or do a quick search for local recruiters. If you want to help them find a flexible job, I would be remiss not to mention a gift certificate to my company, FlexJobs, as my staff does 50 hours of combined research daily to get job seekers the most up to date open positions that offer some type of flexibility.

No matter the gift you choose, the job seekers in your life are sure to appreciate the thought during a time when it can be most rough to be out of work. Wishing you and yours very Happy Holidays.