02/15/2013 06:26 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2013

Survey: Flexible Jobs Improve Sex and Relationships

True, we all have our reasons for wanting a job that offers some type of flexibility, whether it be telecommuting full time or occasionally, part-time hours or some other type of work/life balance arrangement. Often times, such schedules are associated with parents who would like more time with their kids, but what about relationships as a whole?

My curiosity sparked a recent survey conducted by my company, FlexJobs, that included 1,000+ respondents and the results were quite fascinating. For starters, 41 percent said that having a flexible job would definitely improve their sex life, followed by another 34 percent who were hopeful it would add some sparks.

An increase in bedroom fun likely can be attributed to the fact that 82 percent feel that having telecommuting or flexible work schedules would make them a better spouse/partner/significant other in general. Keeping romance alive would be more possible as 47 percent felt they would have more time for date nights.

As for overall health and well being, 89 percent said they would have more time to take care of themselves, with 65 percent having more time to exercise. Possibly helping their mood would be the fact that 82 percent would have less stress.

Cupid's arrow aside, 63 percent of survey respondents also felt that they would make a better friend and a whopping 91 percent would have more time for family and friends.

The message that this sends is that people still want to be working and be productive, with 56 percent still wanted at least a 30-40 hour work week, and another 13 percent wanted to work more than 40 hours. However, the option to have more control over when and how we work would be immensely beneficial to our overall well-being and can benefit our loved ones, too.

When all is said and done based on these numbers, it's no surprise that 99.5 percent felt a flexible job would make them happier! If companies would like to spread some love and happiness around this Valentine's Day, it's clear it's time to implement a flexible work program. And then watch love bloom.