01/11/2012 08:55 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Stand For Love

It seems that the weeks starting off my New Year have been filled with messages that are coming at me from all directions, perhaps the Ganesh is involved. He is putting obstacles in my way to force me to take a path and to make choices of what it is I want for my life outside of my career and children.

When I received this letter below I had to answer these questions for myself. I was pleasantly surprised at my own answers and know that this year, the year of the dragon, I am open to let someone in. My career is fabulous, my children are growing up and now it is time for me. So I plan to live consciously and wanted to share with all of you, that you too can STAND for this LOVE..

Do you really want to live consciously...awake in an infinite field of unconditioned LOVE (Love that is vibrantly alive without any known cause, truly self-born, vibrantly pulsating of its own accord)? Do you really want to live flooded with this now? Then you will have to stay alert, to be attentive to where you let your Attention rest. Skepticism, doubt, fear, and their cousins jealousy, envy, and comparison *will* arise. But they're coming *up* to come *out* of your system. Your task, your sacred task to and for yourself is to use the tools of focus and root and re-root your Attention on LOVE, this LOVE that is already here, now. There will be people in your life who mirror your own now clearing contractions by voicing and animating these contractions of fear, skepticism, and doubt. If you buy into these temporary *appearances*, you tune to lack, you let go of LOVE's embrace of you. And like the Prodigal Sun, all you must do is return your Attention to LOVE. REFUSE to turn down your LOVE to make another so-called comfortable. Let it shine brighter than you ever thought it could, and brighter still. You can be appropriate and compassionate in how you speak and act according to where people's capacity may lay without in any way pulling back your life, your body, your mind, and your living HEART from all that LOVE is. Stand for this LOVE. Choose this LOVE. LIVE this LOVE. This is how we bring Heaven to Earth now for you and me. I love you, pass it on.....

and it is with great pleasure that I passed on Scotts words from his heart.