04/14/2015 09:49 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2015

The Power of Living Your Dream

yaruta via Getty Images

"I have a dream..."

Those famous words uttered by Martin Luther King Jr. ring true for most people.

It has been an insane past few weeks. I feel as though someone out there has hit the "fast forward" button on my life and here I am, writing this post at 3:48 a.m. Melbourne time on a Saturday morning.

The dead silence of the house is interrupted only by the sound of my fingers tapping on the keys of my laptop. Tap... tap... tap...

If there is one thing I've learnt in the first three weeks of trying to build a better future for myself, it's that people are fascinated by the notion of "tossing it all in" in the pursuit of a dream.

I've received emails from the around the world from people reaching out to connect with someone else who knows what it's like to almost not even have a choice anymore.

Why? Because the thought of never having the chance to chase their dream leaves them feeling hollow inside. Of course, like any bold move, it's a choice that comes with both pros and cons. You need to be prepared for the fact not everyone may be prepared to jump on your bandwagon.

Some people will never understand and that's something us "dreamers" have to accept.

Like me, even you may struggle to explain certain moves you've made to make your dream a reality. Put simply, the notion of having the guts to follow your dream is certainly something that engages people and has universal appeal.

Closer to home, I was out one night with a group of good friends before one of them, a musician, turned to me and commented about how great everything I'm doing at the moment is.

It played on my mind for quite some time after. I just couldn't shake it. I guess that's where Albert Doan from Mercians (a local band in Melbourne, Australia) and I share something in common: We're both pursuing our dreams pretty blindly at the moment.

Like the writing scene, the music industry is a tough area to score a break in and having talent doesn't necessarily guarantee anything.

I still remember the first time I saw Mercians play and thinking they had the same sound as Silverchair mixed in with a little bit of Radiohead.

I've known Albert for quite a few years now and I admit, there have been times when I've been left a little speechless as to the amount of commitment he and his band mates have when hearing his stories.

And that's the thing about dreams.

A true test of any dream is your willingness to pursue it in the long-term, even after accepting that your dream is unlikely to make you rich and famous.

Even after being faced with having to lose things in your pursuit of it. In my many discussions with people from all over the globe recently, I've had the privilege to hear the story behind people's dream. Often, it's a moment in childhood or a fond memory that acts to drive their dream.

For me, writing has been something that has always been there. It's my partner in crime during the happiest of moments and on the flipside, it's still there when all I can see is darkness.

It will never leave me and so my dream has evolved over the years. Now, I know that I want to try and use my writing to help others.

What's your dream (yes, everyone has one)?

Are you living it?

Remember: Be brave.