02/18/2015 05:02 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2015

Book Review of The Big Book of Parenting Tweets Edited by Kate Hall and Science of Parenthood

If motherhood has taught me anything it is that getting angry rarely alleviates any ridiculous or trying circumstance that children will undoubtedly toss a mom (or dad) into. You may as well find the humor in the chaos, which is where Kate Hall and Science of Parenthood come in with their hilarious The Big Book of Parenting Tweets.

The book is split into three sections, each representing the most challenging portions of a typical day with kids, and totaling more than 300 curated golden nuggets of Tweet comedy in 140 characters or less. From famous bloggers to snarky stay-at-home-moms, this book has all of the punch lines needed for any parent to blow off some steam.

Although this book is easily read in one sitting, it is difficult to put down as the humor is just so darn spot on that you will likely find yourself asking all your friends to "check this out!" Parents everywhere would be wise to keep a copy of this comedy goldmine tucked in a diaper bag or stashed near the wine for the wisdom in this book lies in the contributor's abilities to nail the toughest aspects of parenting in such a way that will leave the reading nodding (and snorting) in agreement.

The Big Book of Parenting Tweets is edited by Twitter aficionado and comedienne, Kate Hall and Science of Parenthood duo Norine Dworkin-McDaniel & Jessica Ziegler.