08/28/2012 11:50 am ET Updated Oct 28, 2012

Skin Dilemmas To Expect From A Destination Wedding

For most of us, a destination wedding conjures fantasies of romantic sunsets, exotic cocktails, and all the perks of a relaxing vacation. However, we must not forget that with vacations also comes travel and other foreign elements that may cause our skin to go haywire. Whether you're the bride, part of the wedding party or a guest, the last thing you want is to be cemented in wedding album history with a sunburned nose, tired eyes, and a blemish lurking dangerously close to your mouth. To prevent the aforementioned, and instead reestablish the more pleasant images (the ones with the colorful sunsets and cocktails) from before, let us prepare. Here are the top five complexion crises to anticipate at a destination wedding:

1. Dry and dull skin. If you're flying to your destination, then this crisis especially applies to you. The humidity levels inside an airplane can be an absolute disaster for your normally-hydrated skin. Not flying? Unfortunately, you're still not out of the woods. Long drives with the AC blasting can be equally detrimental to your once dewy complexion. To combat: be sure to use a reliable and extra hydrating lotion on your face, neck, and body. Where you would normally opt for a lightweight lotion or hydrating mist, choose a more intensive cream instead. Once you arrive at your destination, indulge in an exfoliating enzyme mask or scrub to slough off any flakey, dull skin and reinstate a healthy glow.

2. Sunburn. For whatever reason, a vacation mindset can also mean lazy skincare habits. With a large portion of destination weddings set outdoors, it is essential to be proactive with a lightweight broad spectrum SPF. You don't want to arrive at the ceremony fresh-faced and leave red-faced, do you? Also, don't forget your scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, and any other areas that may be exposed.

3. Tired eyes. It is understood that a destination wedding also doubles as a getaway, which means we may stay awake a little longer and party a little harder. However, dark circles, puffy lids, and bloodshot eyes should never be a part of your wedding attire. To revitalize you peepers: try an aloe vera and vitamin enriched eye cream to sooth puffiness and energize skin. Got five minutes to spare? Try steeping two white tea bags in cold water and rest on lids for five to 10 minutes. The caffeine will eliminate bags, while the cool temperature soothes irritation and redness. Another tip: try and sleep with your head slightly elevated to prevent eyes from puffing.

4. Breakouts/ oily skin. Why, oh why, must we always breakout on vacation? Well, for one likely culprit see number one. That's right; when we neglect to hydrate skin, our dehydrated skin sends sebum into overdrive to compensate for the lack of moisture. The result: oily skin prone to breakouts. Assuming you do keep a moisturized complexion, several other factors can also contribute to destination wedding blemish bummers. Factors like stress, lack of sleep, climate changes, and even the water you wash with can make skin more prone to pimples. To prevent: stay consistent with your cleansing regimen and apply a pore clarifying serum every night, whether or not there are any pimples visible. Also, blotting papers can help keep shine and sweat at bay. In the event a blemish does rear its ugly head, be sure to have a sulfur-enriched spot treatment on hand to flatten pimples fast.

5. Rashes, bites, and swelling (oh, my!). Once again, an outdoor wedding in an unfamiliar place can mean unfamiliar skin reactions. Whether it is a bright red insect bite, a swollen lip from the heat, or an allergic reaction to the detergent in your hotel bed sheets, expect the unexpected. Always pack a few allergy pills and a cortisone cream to alleviate allergic swelling, rashes, and/or hives fast. Also, if you know insects will be about, bring along an insect repellent or create your own from natural ingredients.

There you have it. The key to a successful and beauty blunder-free destination wedding is being prepared. Pack your products wisely and always test before you use. With an arsenal of well thought out skincare products snug in your suitcase, you can rest assured these complexion crises won't make it past security.

Sarah Dakar is beauty director with Sonya Dakar Skincare in Beverly Hills.