10/13/2012 07:42 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2012

The Neck-Down Beauty Prep For The Big Day

On your wedding day, smooth, glowing skin is an absolute must. However, that vibrant and flawless finish found on your cheeks should not stop at the neck, especially when bridal trends of strapless, backless, and even short wedding dresses are on the rise. Implementing a full body beauty routine in preparation for your big day can help you appear more youthful, healthier, and better toned -- and what bride doesn't want that? Here are 5 pre-wedding beauty musts for a head-to-toe wow factor:

1. Spot treat. Take notice of body blemishes, scars, or extremely dry or rough areas of skin that may take a little more time to amend. The earlier you can address these specific skin problems, the more time you'll have to correct them for your wedding day. If body acne is an issue, consider a sulfur-based spot treatment intended to smooth pimples fast. For graying, rough patches on the elbows, knees, or heels, try a mineral polish containing Dead Sea salts and nourishing essential oils to reinstate evenness to skin. Once you've addressed your more specific skin concerns, you'll have the perfect base for achieving that extra special bridal glow.

2. Slough off lackluster skin. By now, we all know how crucial exfoliation is to keeping our faces looking smooth, bright, and healthy. Well, the same is true of your body! Implementing a full body exfoliating treatment into your weekly bridal beauty bootcamp will keep dead, dulling, and dry skin away and reveal a more youthful and glowing appearance. Furthermore, if you do happen to be someone who struggles with occasional or frequent body acne, this extra body care step can help decongest pore clogging debris and bacteria. Try exfoliating two to three times a week in the shower, and of course, the day of your wedding! Not only will you notice the long-term benefits of smoother, more even-toned skin, but you will also reap the immediate perks from aided circulation, which gives the instant appearance of health and vibrancy.

3. Don't neglect other important players. While much of the attention will be on your perfectly polished face, there is a couple supporting players worthy of some extra attention on the big day. One feature sure to draw plenty of your guests' attention is your hand. That's right; everyone is going to be photographing and staring at the new ring on your finger. Consider investing in a specialized hand treatment formulated to tighten, brighten, and hydrate the delicate skin on your hands. Another important body part to consider: your neck and décolleté, especially if you've opted for a strapless or low-cut dress design. Look for something lightweight and infused with antioxidant designed to lighten dark spots or unevenness caused by sun exposure.

4. Befriend lesser known ingredients like Papain and Omega-3. It won't matter if you've lost your summer tan; if you're using a moisturizing oil or lotion containing the right ingredients you'll glow all year round. Sheen-inducing moisturizers containing Papain, a fancy word for Papaya enzymes, work to gently dissolve dead and dull skin and promote healthy cell turnover. In addition, Omega-3, that super good-for-you-stuff found in flaxseeds and salmon, isn't only beneficial when eaten, it also works wonders when applied topically, soothing irritation and inflammation, as well as bringing about an immediate luminosity. Body products containing either or both of these ingredients are a great day-of solution for freshly shaved legs or for simply giving you that all over goddess sheen.

5. Protect. Nobody likes a sunburned bride, not to mention one with visible tan lines. Ensure all your body care prep isn't in vain by smoothing on a broad spectrum SPF 30 every day. Want to do more than protect and also reverse existing damage? Consider a multipurpose sunscreen that offers lightweight broad spectrum protection and regenerative apple stem cells, as well as wrinkle-smoothing synthetic snake venom to soften wrinkles and lift dark spots. There are tons of dual action sunscreens to fit your distinct needs, just be sure to test them first to keep clear of greasy, white-streak-inducing, and smelly sunscreens... because nobody wants to smell like a coconut on their wedding day.

By adopting these five tips into your bridal beauty preparations you can ensure you have every inch of the details accounted for. From the tips of your fingers to your pretty face and everything in between, you'll look flawless.

Sarah Dakar is beauty director with Sonya Dakar Skincare in Beverly Hills.