02/26/2014 03:04 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2014

Frozen: Please, I Would Love to See the 'Gay Agenda'

The Disney movie Frozen is being released on DVD this month. I have pre-ordered a copy for my soon-to-be-3-year-old's birthday, because I'm a lazy parent and I will happily buy any new movie for my kids to watch, if it lets me off the childcare hook for even a few minutes.

I also just learned that this movie has a "gay agenda," according to Kathryn Skaggs, Well-Behaved-Mormon-Woman and author of a blog by the same name. She mustered up the chutzpah last week to say this out loud and publicly, in a lengthy post, blasted Frozen for what she described as the movie's "gay agenda to normalize homosexuality."

I have seen the movie, but I must tell you that I did not see the gay agenda. And I'm really disappointed.

First, I'm crushed that as a gay parent I didn't notice that the movie had a gay agenda. What kind of gay am I when I don't recognize my own people in a children's film? I thought the movie was about two sisters, a relatively inadequate set of heterosexual parents, a funny snowman and learning to see our weaknesses as strengths. But, I could be wrong.

I'm also disappointed that Kathryn Skaggs didn't go into more detail about the specific ways in which the movie is gay. There hasn't been a good gay-themed Disney movie since all of the cross-dressing in Mulan in 1998. I also dearly loved that movie, especially the part where the girl, Mulan, dressed as a boy sings a song about finding "A Girl Worth Fighting For."

So here is my plea: If there is a gay agenda in Frozen, please help me see it. I'd love to chat about it with my kids. And right now, I feel like a bad gay, because I can't even see the obvious gay agendas in movies anymore.