10/02/2012 09:47 am ET Updated Dec 02, 2012

3 Adorable Book-Themed Crafts (PHOTOS)

As a crafter who also happens to love books, I'm so excited for the release of my first book Craft-a-Day. I grew up in Minnesota but spent all my childhood summers in Denmark, and love very simple projects that are easy to make at home. For me, crafting is about spending time with your friends and family and making fun and beautiful things together. Most of the crafts in the book require not a whole lot more than scissors and glue and you don't have to have any crafting experience to participate. To celebrate the release of Craft-a-Day, I wanted to share some book inspired crafts from the book. For those who love Alice in Wonderland, how about making a Felt Mushroom Ornament? Fans of Moby Dick will love the Plush Whale. And of course I can't forget Harry Potter. The Mini Lightning Bolt Topper is perfect for any Harry Potter inspired parties you might be thinking of throwing. With 365 projects there are lots of simple and delightful crafts in Craft-a-Day to share with your book loving friends or to make for your next book club meeting.

Book-Themed Crafts