10/13/2013 11:27 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

HuffPost Workouts: My Least Motivating Playlist Ever?

I did something really weird this morning.

I took what is probably my least motivating playlist out for a run.

Yep, it was goodbye to Beyoncé swagger and hello to loneliness and heartbreak. For some reason, I felt like listening to nothing but sad melodies and sadder lyrics today.

While these are some of my favorite songs in quiet moments, they are also the ones I quickly skip while running. But today's run was meant to be an easy one -- I have a 10K race in a couple of days and just wanted to move a bit without overdoing it. The music not only fit the moment (did I mention it was drizzling slightly?) but helped me reach that goal.

I was more easily able to stay at my slow-and-steady pace than I would have been with a more upbeat track blasting, even when it meant allowing a speedy younger woman I was tempted to chase to simply zip by. (Confession: I still sped up to beat the impending red light closest to home. Cut me some slack, I was getting thirsty!)

Really, this playlist did what any workout playlist should: It helped me get through the workout at hand. And it turned out to be a surprisingly lovely one.

Here are the sad tracks that kept me company. Tell me in the comments if you've ever tried working out with your favorite low-key tunes!

  • Louisville -- The Damnwells
  • Bird of the Summer -- A Fine Frenzy
  • Half Light -- Athlete
  • Swallowed in the Sea -- Coldplay
  • This Years Love -- David Gray
  • Use Me Up -- Hanson
  • Maybe -- Ingrid Michaelson
  • Who You Love -- John Mayer
  • Bluebird -- Sara Bareilles
  • Honey And The Moon -- Joseph Arthur
  • Breathe Me -- Sia
  • Maps -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs