08/30/2012 09:18 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2012

Growing Out Bangs: Why I Changed My Hairstyle Over The Summer... And Will Go Back For Fall

When I sat down to get a haircut in May, my hairdresser Ryan said, "Wow... your bangs are so long. If you ever wanted to grow them out, now would be the time."

I immediately went into a panic. I hadn't thought of growing them out, I had just been too lazy to get a trim (and after some disastrous DIYing, Ryan had made me promise not to cut them myself anymore). After having bangs for five years, they felt like a part of my identity. I was the girl with the bangs.

But, they are a lot of work to maintain. Not only did I have to get my fringe trimmed ever few weeks so that I could see clearly, I also had to blow dry my hair every day. Bangs are generally more annoying in summer - the heat and humidity ruins the style no matter how much product you use and I've always wondered if hair grows faster in summer.

So, I decided to take the plunge and brush my bangs to the side. I started with a soft side bang (like Reese Witherspoon), and slowly transitioned to a center part, almost-winged look.

As my hair grew longer throughout the summer, my once-short bangs passed my eyelashes, then my nose... suddenly they were almost at my lips.

Had I done it? Was I successfully over my signature hairstyle?

I thought so. Not having bangs was so much... easier. But, then I saw Rashida Jones in "Celeste & Jesse Forever" last weekend. I felt so jealous of her braided up-do during a wedding scene and her slightly ombred locks when she went out on a date.

I made an appointment with Ryan the next day. Bangs, I missed you. Here I come!

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Growing Out Bangs (PHOTOS)