08/01/2012 08:37 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Home Organization: I Color-Code Everything From My Closet To My Bookshelves (PHOTOS)

There is nothing I find more aesthetically appealing than walking into a store where everything is organized by color. Racks of yellow dresses fading into orange, red, pink and all of the other colors of the rainbow isn't only beautiful to look at, it's also a more efficient way to shop.

I know that I personally gravitate to pieces in gray, black and blue. While I dable in pink and orange, I almost never wear red or yellow. When clothes are grouped according to hue in a store, I can skip these sections entirely. See? Productive.

Around 10 years ago, I started organizing my own closet by color instead of by item. Although it is slightly untraditional, I found it's better suited for my needs. With everything in rainbow-order, I am able to more quickly determine where something is. And it also helps keep my hangers organized. When I am looking for a specific blue blouse, for example, I can immediately zero in on the obviously sky-colored section of my wardrobe.

This method of organization has infiltrated the rest of my home: from the nail polish in my bathroom to the books on my shelves. I quickly realized that replacing the dewey decimal system with color coding wasn't exactly an original idea. But, I still loved it. Before organizing the books in my new apartment, I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration. Although I have grand plans for built in shelves on the wall, lined in colored books, a few old Ikea bookshelves will have to do for now.

Take a peek in our gallery below to see how I have color-coded my home and add a photo of your own!

Organizing By Color

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