03/24/2015 04:34 pm ET Updated May 24, 2015

By Saying Yes, You're Saying No

Bertrand Demee via Getty Images

At the exact moment we say "yes" to something, we are saying, "no" to something else. 

Every moment we have a choice, where we direct our focus in this moment is our choice. By directing our focus to positive inspiring and uplifting thoughts we are saying "no" to negative, draining and lifeless thoughts. When we are saying "yes" to something or someone, we are telling the universe that this is what is the most important thing to us right now, by saying yes to something we are saying no to everything else. 

The choices that you make, the thoughts that you think and the actions that you choose to take are powerful.

By saying "yes" to the things in your life right now you are saying "no" to other things that could be entering your life right now. Here is an example. By saying yes to an abusive partner... I am saying no to a loving healthy relationship. By saying yes to fast food every night of the week... I am saying no to home cooked wholesome meals. By saying yes to procrastination... I am saying no to getting sh*t done. 

What you are saying yes to is so crucial because what you are doing is telling the universe that right now this is the most important thing and don't deliver anything else. 

Whether it is a conscious or unconscious thought the universe does not differentiate. This is why we must make it a conscious practice to see that when we say yes to something we say no to everything else. When you fully understand and accept this, you can then clarify and focus your time on what is truly important and significant to you. 

Fulfillment is achieved by conscious choice day in and day out.