04/21/2015 04:05 pm ET Updated Jun 21, 2015

Make Your Life a Beautiful Creation

Life isn't in the doing; it's in the feeling

Life just works beyond form, it works without struggle, and it works in the most gracious of ways. There is a natural creation beyond form, that everybody is involved in. This is an inherent natural ability that we all have. One that is often overlooked because the world is so consumed by form.

Let everything you do be an act of creation because that is your core essence. In allowing every act to be a gracious act of creation you put your energy on the same frequency as creation itself, of the oneness that everything was born from. This is very powerful in deed. Creation is a silent space a little deeper than most people realize. Pain is an opening for this awareness. In pain everything slips by, the world doesn't matter, and you don't need validation from the outer world anymore. Even if you got validation externally, when you are in a space of pain you wouldn't care because you are so consumed by the pain. And what is pain? It is something that is not from form, it is something in the formless. Of course it can be created by ego, and yes because it is formless it can lead to your inner being. Everything can be an opening for awareness if we look.

Pain is an opening to awareness

Our society has stopped looking for this opening beyond form, and as a result we have stopped having a wondrous mystery about ourselves and our lives. A little reverence is a beauty thing. It leads one home, opens doors and communes souls to a place a little further than a mild connection.

Make each and every act be an act of love, by making every act an act of love you make it an act of creation. And this is in deed an expansion beyond form that the mind can never comprehend. Today, find something that you love, that deeply excites you, throw your whole self into it, make every act be an act of love. If you love painting, make every stroke be about the stroke, be about the act of love. Induce your entire being in the moment and do not allow the outcome to take you over.

The moment of validation never equates to the beauty that went into the creation.

Be the moment, be the magic, be the mystery beyond form, and you'll create pathways of unforeseen pleasure that most never see.

Let every act, be an act of creation. Let yourself be creation itself.