05/22/2015 05:44 pm ET Updated May 22, 2016

The EAO Method

Feeling unwanted, unworthy and unable are all negative emotions that stem from the ego. When you are born you do not come into this world with any negativity, nor do you come in with any stories, labels and judgements. You are absolutely pure and without a single negative emotion. But, as we grow we develop negative emotions from what happens to us, and more importantly from what happens in us.

A lot of spiritual books will say that negative emotions are bad, we should gloss over them and think positive. There is a flaw in this perspective, because we know that whatever we are resisting in ourselves will persist. If we are resisting feeling unwanted, and trying to compensate with shopping, overworking, overeating or seeking validation for our worth outside of ourselves we will never fully move past this emotion.

Appreciate even the negative, because the negative emotions have something to teach you. They let you know where you are on your path.

To move through our emotions and fully transcend ourselves to higher vibrations we need to firstly become aware and second we need to accept the emotion and third we need to observe our thoughts and emotions.

This assists us in taking our power back and in letting ourselves embrace the feeling instead of running from it. Of course, it can be scary and dreadfully painful. A ship maybe safe at port, but that is not what ships were built for. We maybe safe glossing over our emotions but we know that we are both human and being and as an integration of the two we need to fully accept both.

Accepting does not mean we accept what the negative emotion is saying and emotionalise it further, it means that we accept we are having a feeling, we might even be able to label it, such as feeling 'unwanted', but we do not attach a story to it, we do not attach a label, we simply see it, accept it and then the final part of the equation is that we observe it.

Without judgement we see it and allow it to be what it is, without adding more to it through our thinking we instead become the conscious observer behind it. Watching it pass us by.

Being the presence behind the emotion is a beautiful thing, a powerful thing that will truly transcend it. It will not have any power over us, and we will not be feeding it any further. If it does come back we simply repeat the process.

E: Become aware of the emotion.
A: Accept the emotion.
O: Observe the emotion as the consciousness behind it, without thought, attachment and labels we are able to observe it.

Heaven is a place on earth that we create for ourselves, we do this internally. If we are always fueling the wrong fire it will be hard to fuel the right fire. Take some time to practice the EAO method. Be the observer and be fully conscious of what you are feeling without labels, judgement or criticism.