03/11/2013 05:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Supreme Kiss (Part 3): 'Yes Sir, That's My Baby' (VIDEO)

The Supreme Kiss: Let's Kiss Inequality Goodbye is a campaign to raise awareness about equal rights and the Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality. It invites everyone across America to show solidarity for gay civil rights by kissing a loved one on March 26 and sharing that kiss with the world.

This past week at the Roseville Mall in California, couples came out in droves to kiss for equality and show support for a young couple, Daniel and Jose, who had been asked to leave the mall because of a kiss.

It was a beautiful and peaceful event and exemplary of what we can do.

We can show not only those at the Roseville Mall but also, most significantly, the justices of the Supreme Court that we as a nation are evolving and that it is neither justifiable nor defensible to deny one sector of the population basic rights that everyone else enjoys.

Numerous events will be taking place the week of the hearings -- rallies, panel discussions, interfaith services, etc. (see for more information). Whether you attend an event or not, however, you can participate in this historic moment.

Kiss someone you love. Your heart is filled with special people and you can kiss them either literally or figuratively. Kiss them in your heart. Kiss them in person. Then share your kiss with the rest of us as we will share ours with you.

Perhaps you will kiss for someone -- a family member or a well-known figure who suffered unnecessarily or even fatally because of discrimination. Perhaps you are an ally and will kiss for the "crazy thought that everyone should have equal rights."

The simple truth is this: we can all join together, whether we are marching in Washington or picking up our children at school, in a united Kiss for Equality.

In their call-to-action on January 30th, activists Cleve Jones and David Mixner recognized the value of social media at a time like this to spread awareness quickly and effectively. What better way to use social media than to send a positive message of love and show support for civil rights?

Text, Tweet, Post: "I Kiss for Equality."

Change your profile picture to a Kiss.

Send a kiss to your LGBTQ son, daughter, parent, friend or partner.

Send a Kiss-O-Gram to others, "You've been kissed by equality!"

Share the Supreme Kiss logo.

And if you need any more inspiration, watch our new video. The road to civil rights is a long one but that doesn't mean we can't sing, have some fun, and tell the world with pride when standing next to our partner: "Yes Sir, That's My Baby."

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