02/20/2015 02:56 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2015

Your 2015 Oscar Party Menu in GIFs

We've emptied out the Marion Cabinets and stuffed the Neil Patrick Haggis to the brim, because you are cordially invited to Everything is Slawsome: My Annual Oscar Party Feast. All GIFs created by Matt Laud.

Specialty Cocktails

Upon entering the Jason Hallway, please help yourself to the freshly mixed Piñárritu Coladas, garnished with Americanned Snipears.


How to Train Your Dragon Rolls with Imitation Crab Game on extra sticky Inherent Rice, topped with David Oyellowtailo and Roeprah

Paul Tacos Anderson

Big Gyro 6-inch subs

Emma Stone Soup with a crusty Patricia Baguette and Birdmanchego Cheese

Ruffalo Wings

Main Course

"Song of the Sea(food)," - A hearty Captain America: Winter Sausage stuffed with Nightcrawfish, smoked with a Hint of Eastwood and served over a MIchael Keaton of Selmashed Potatoes (limitless pats of Foxcatchurned butter available).

For the exotic palettes, I recommend the Bradley Grouper with Poi-hood and Interstellarctic Char

Meat-lovers rejoice, The Eddie Redmeat is a Filet Marrion w/ Colliard Greens and fresh Steve Chantrelles (Or, if in season, Julienne Morrells).

This year we have a kosher option from our X Menu: Days of Future Passover - Lox Trolls on a Theory of Everything Bagel with a Kiera Knishly

That said, I highly recommend the Ham Zimmer.

From our Grand Brunchapest Hotel menu we have the Wes Anderson Omelette, which has Unbroken eggs from an Ethan Hawk, is cooked in the Grease Witherspoon from our famous Richard Link Sausages, and served with a basket of JK Sinnamon rolls and other assorted Breadward Nortons.

And my personal favorite, Prawn Girl, which is just a plate of uncooked Rosamung bean-encrusted Pike fish that can only be eaten with a box cutter. Watch out for the Felicity Bones.


Laura Derjeeling Tea, Meryl Steeped in a "Turn the Michael Heat-on" novelty mug

Robert Duvalamode

A piping hot Benedict Cookiebatch with a side of Cool Whiplash

Julianne S'mores with real Guardians of the Ganache chocolate

Butter Lamp (while they last)

Thanks to Chefs and Contributors: Matt Laud, Kyle Sauer, Scott Hanson, Zack Poitras, Emma Chase, Christina Cody, Casey DiCocco, Joyce Lee, Emily Plucinak, Zach Kohn, and Paige Tibbetts.