01/31/2014 03:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

NY Times' Simone Oliver Shares Her Favorite Brooklyn Spots


I'll be honest, I got a little dizzy when Simone Oliver listed the workload that comes with her job as the New York Times' Online Fashion Editor. She not only manages the Style section's daily web content, including the On the Runway blog and pieces to accompany the twice-weekly print sections, but also runs The Collection (the Times' iPad app), and is constantly on the move reporting on style and fashion events. In her "free time" -- ha ha -- Oliver freelances as a wardrobe consultant and editor. And we haven't even mentioned yet that she has a newborn baby girl.

Oliver grew up within spitting distance of Brooklyn, but as a Queens native, it wasn't until she returned to New York after college in Washington DC that she made the move to our favorite borough. As luck would have it, her aunt had a brownstone in Clinton Hill, and an apartment available in it. Oliver jumped at the chance, "and fell in love with Brooklyn" fairly immediately. She's been here ever since, and now lives in Bed-Stuy with her husband and that aforementioned baby girl.

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