09/12/2014 01:21 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2014

4 Things Rockstar Steven Tyler Taught Me


I'm on my way to the ladies room, late on a Saturday night, at a hot new spot off of Sunset Boulevard when I see the one and only Steven Tyler. Mr. Aerosmith himself is leaning up against the wall with his head buried in his phone. I seized the moment and walked right up, leaned in and said, "You should really put your phone away and be present." Without missing a beat, he gives me the once over, looks right into my eyes, grabs me by the waist, pulls me in and with complete authority says, "I am present and accounted for." Then he kisses me on the cheek. So I look him right in the eye and say, "Yes, you are!" Then, I literally bolted in the opposite direction. Talk about Sweet Emotion!

What just happened? Was that me telling Steven Tyler to "be present"? Was that him responding with a kiss on the cheek? I'm telling you, I repeat this story to anyone who will listen just because it was such fun moment. As I find myself telling that story there's a greater story, one his song titles actually tell best.

#1. "Livin on the Edge" Always lean into an opportunity you really want to take, even if it seems crazy. That scenario could've played out a lot of ways, I would have never known if I hadn't leaned into that moment.

#2. "Walk This Way" I literally walked right past a stranger and engaged. So add that hop to your step, take that different path and for goodness sake always look up on your way to the bathroom. You may be walking right past an amazing moment if you don't engage.

#3. "Come Together" I was there Saturday night for my girlfriend's birthday. A group of six fabulous ladies all gathered to celebrate our friend, Erika. I'm a big believer in celebrating birthdays, in celebrating lots of things. So don't be selfish and make sure you celebrate. I have yet to have a celebration where one good thing didn't happen.

#4. "What It Takes" Be Nice. Be Nice. Be Nice. He was so nice! Honestly, he could've done lots of things to a total stranger who walked up and suggested he put his phone away. He could've ignored me, called security, been rude, etc. Nope. And let's be honest, you wouldn't be reading this right now if he wasn't nice. At every level of success, there's always room to be nice.

Do I know Steven Tyler? Absolutely not. Does he know me? Absolutely not. But I do know
"I Don't Want to Miss A Thing", and neither should you.