02/22/2013 06:10 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

Is There a Wrong Way to MANIFEST?

Visualize what you want and you will get it. How many times has this happened to you? And how many times has it not happened? You wonder why it doesn't work, you close your eyes and focus until you are cross-eyed and yet the outcome is still not what you had hoped. So now what? How does that make you feel? What thoughts come into your head? "This manifestation stuff is crap." "I'm not doing it right because I had one negative thought that one time, that messed it all up." "Why isn't it working for me??"

What most people don't know is that there is a key element that is missing here, and that is: that we are so caught up in the fantasy of what we think is good and positive, we don't see there is an equal balance in every outcome. The Universe is made up of balance, every positive has a negative and every negative has a positive. That is a scientific fact; we cannot have joy without sorrow, happiness without pain. When we get caught up in the idea of what we desire, to be explicitly good and the opposite to be negative, then we face not receiving what we want because the desired results are part of an unrealistic illusion that we created. Hence the term "living in a fantasy." We can't manifest it, because we can't accept the true reality of what it is we want, inclusive of both sides of the desired outcome.

When we can see both versions, then we are not caught up in the illusions of grandeur and fantasy. We are then not attached to any outcome and can see the benefits and downfalls to both scenarios.

Once we release our attachment to the fantasy and live in the balance of seeing blessings in any scenario in our lives, we will ultimately be ready to receive what we desire. These tools really help us shift and create an energetic transformation. Think of a scenario in your life that you are struggling with right now, perhaps it's a conflict in a relationship, what is it that you really want to have happen? If that doesn't come to fruition, can you find the blessings and be OK with that?

Once you start to put these tools in practice you will begin to rewire your mind and start transforming your perception. Ultimately what we want will become normal. Being overly excited about something means that we desire something so much because we feel without it we are lacking. As a result we become so emotionally attached to an outcome, it will ultimately end in the opposite no matter what. There is always a Universal balancing act at play.

There is nothing in this world that is good or bad, everything is a reactionary response to a polarity exchange of positive and negative energy and one cannot ever exist without the other. We will always have dictators and we will always have healers. Acceptance is the first step to inner peace.

When the thing that we desire becomes something normal in our lives, then we can remain excited about creation as opposed to being fixated on the one thing that we feel will fill a void that isn't real. The same is true for when we dread a scenario in our lives, finding the positive in our fears allows us to use our fears to our advantage, as opposed to allowing our fears to use us and consume us with anxiety and ultimately what is the cause to our suffering.

See both sides in every scenario and become at peace with every outcome. That's where transformation and true manifestation can exist.

Blessings and Prosperity -- Sari Gabbay -