07/22/2014 05:50 pm ET Updated Sep 21, 2014

Forgiving Myself

As I walked out of my condo for my morning run on Friday, an immediate realization hit me that I couldn't ignore, "You need to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself." These words echoed in my mind, followed by a sigh of relief for this awareness. And I knew that this is an absolute truth and a huge block for making some of my dreams a reality.

For several days prior, I went to bed, saying a short though powerful prayer that comes from one of my mentor's, Gabby Bernstein, her latest book Miracles Now, "I surrender it all. Inner guide, please help me surrender it all." I know that this awakened this truth of forgiveness being an answer to that prayer. Clearly, I need to amp up my forgiveness practice, so I can claim back my energy lingering behind this block.

As I began to consider the ways I could offer more forgiveness, I recognized how I could forgive myself...

Forgive yourself for obsessing about all the what-ifs and being indecisive.
Forgive yourself for saying "yes" when you really wanted to say "no".
Forgive yourself for not doing enough or for not trying hard enough.
Forgive yourself for not getting to everything on your daily, weekly, yearly to-do lists.
Forgive yourself for sleeping in rather than starting your day earlier to accomplish more.
Forgive yourself for not getting enough sleep and compromising your health.
Forgive yourself for self-sabotaging habits because you were just protecting yourself.
Forgive yourself for having that dessert or late night snack because you were stressed or mindlessly eating at that moment.
Forgive yourself for procrastinating and being worried of failure...and success.
Forgive yourself for not taking a risk and asking for exactly what you want.
Forgive yourself for not meeting your very high (sometimes unreasonable) expectations.

Well, between you and I, this list could really go on longer for me. And so as a result, I commit to seeing all the ways I can forgive myself and let go alittle more, breathe more, here in this moment with each day that comes.

When we're reluctant to forgive ourselves, chances are we're trying to control an outcome of what was, what could be, and/or what we think should be. It's quite exhausting and limiting to stay unforgiving. Can you see that now?

When there's a lack of forgiveness showing up for you, your momentum in life and what you ultimately want to accomplish can feel as if you're not making progress and intensify set-backs causing you to feel discouraged. More on this topic in an upcoming blog article.

Forgiving yourself is another way of giving yourself permission to get out of your own way. To see the truth for what it is, rather than hide behind it. If we take self-forgiveness moments, it changes our perspective, and therefore our approach to life. Our mood lifts, and we return to feeling happy and having that inner calm again.

Take a C&R Self Forgiveness Moment:
Either in the instant you catch yourself needing to forgive or in the evening, dedicate a moment to release what's holding you back. Even right before you go to sleep, tell yourself what you forgive yourself for that day.

"I forgive myself for ____________ (Fill in the blank for that is for you) and I choose to come from a kind, compassionate place instead."

Your willingness to acknowledge and forgive can be enough to shift you internally and take you exactly where you want to go. It's with accepting, trusting, and knowing, we show up and embrace our C&R Self.

Allow yourself to relax, to recover, to live, to laugh, to love, to flow, to be more present, and to acknowledge what you've accomplished despite setbacks. Forgive yourself and Keep showing up Courageous & Remarkable Ones! I honor you. Namaste!

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Originally posted June 2014 on Courageous & Remarkable Self blog.

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