06/18/2014 11:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Todd Michael Schultz: Pop Chemist

Todd Michael Schultz's newest single Doorstep was just released by Titan Records, a newfangled label specifically tuned in to address the needs of musicians in the era of e-commerce and social media. Schultz has been in the studio with producer Tony Rodini since April 2013. He previously released a nine-track EP called Good Vibrations that featured remarkable singles like "Stranger to this Feeling" and "Told My Story."

Now 27, when he was 20 he wrote the main title song for the internationally aired animated series SamSam. In 2012, Todd co-wrote the main titles for two additional animated series, Teenage Fairytale Dropouts and Rob Dyrdek's Wild Grinders. Around that time, Todd recorded a debut single, "You Believed In Me." He shot a video in December of 2011 and the video was featured on Interview Magazine's website among several other high-profile outlets.

Titan founder Tom Langie had this to say about Schultz and why he decided to take on the new single:

"After working hard for several months on [another project], we ended up canceling. It really bummed us out both but in the end it was the right decision. Several months passed and now finally we can announce, with great pleasure, Todd Michael Schultz's release on Titan Music called 'Doorstep'. When I heard the track I loved it instantly and so didn't have to think twice before signing it, despite it really being out of the realm of what Titan Music normally releases."

According to Langie:

"Todd is just such a talented and fun guy. I enjoyed his personality, which really is one of the key components for me in working with someone. If it doesn't work on a personal level, it's going to be really hard to get it to work professionally. Apart from his personality, he is crazy talented as a singer/songwriter. He really is very creative and can whip up a huge amount of track in a really small amount of time. I love that he makes what he feels like making and that he doesn't follow any standard procedures. Doorstep is a really feel good, upbeat track which will definitely get you moving, but he can also make more emotional, ballad-type tracks that will move you. That's why I love his music."

Schultz's circle of friends includes the teen novelist Alex Kazemi, author of Yours Truly, Brad Sela. Kazemi is a pop culture guru and frequently contributes to popular culture blogs. Kazemi has referred to his friend as "a pop chemist":

"His ears are a gift and his heightened senses for delicious melodies makes him able to hear the catchiest, most instantly gratifying pop songs in head and execute the sounds into his nostalgic songs for listeners to fall in love with. His lyrics range from heartbreak to wanting to lose control to craving death. He is the ultimate chameleon pop songwriter. Before we know it, TMS could be the brain behind some of today's hottest pop acts. When it happens, do not be surprised."

Doorstep is available on iTunes, but check it out for free on Soundcloud.