08/05/2014 03:24 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2014

Saya Woolfalk on the Imageblog

ChimaTEK: Hybridization Machine; Digital video; 3 min 41 sec; 2013; Music by DJ Spooky
ChimaTEK is a corporation owned by the Empathics, a fictional group of women who blend racial and ethnic identities as they transform, taking on characteristics of humans and plants. ChimaTEK home technology allows consumers to be remixed by a virtual DJ. This video features an Empathic at work as she chooses, manipulates and enhances different components of a user’s identity so that they may form and inhabit a new consciousness. It will be on view at Woolfalk’s solo exhibition at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Virginia and at the Goodman Gallery in South Africa.