05/08/2015 02:34 pm ET Updated May 07, 2016

Mothers' Day: It Is Everything and Nothing

Mothers' Day. What is it really all about? Do we even know anymore? It used to be about telling your mom how fricken awesome she was at 4:30 in the morning because you are supposed to let mom know you love her. Then it was about leaving her alone for the day. Then it was about doing something nice for her like making her breakfast and bringing it to her in bed.

Then when you get a little bit older you make her a nice gift. And a nicer one. And then you realize you should buy her a nice gift. Suddenly in a few years that isn't it either. So you do something she "wants to do" like going somewhere she took you when you were four and she should love it.

Then life happens; you have kids. Mothers' Day is suddenly your day. But, also you have that feeling. Your mom gave birth to you. for you. Wow. You suddenly owe this woman the world. SH*T....

But you still kind of think a nap might be nice. Plus, that grandchild is a gift too, right? Suddenly a group thing with you, her and that baby sounds fabulous.

Another few years pass by, and what do you have? Kid stuff everywhere. Work. Art. Sports. Life. Your mom? You love her more than words or gifts can express but there isn't always time. What do you do? You have hit all those stages. You've passed through all of it. You're tired. You're happy. You're energized. You're too damn happy. You are, dare I say, busy. Now what?

Congratulations. You finally understand your mom. It all sounds good. It all is wonderful and not exactly what you thought, but everything you need and can handle. You can't imagine another life. That is it. It comes from your heart. It is probably right.

Love is all a mother needs. That and to occasionally hear that you think she did an OK job.