07/08/2013 10:06 am ET Updated Sep 06, 2013

Celebrity Twitter Freak Outs -- Now Stop That!

Now what is going on? Amada Bynes will not let up, Alec Baldwin is going ape. Charlie Sheen was certainly not served well by his long episode. Aside from some TMZ coverage that won't help sell films, celebrities just have to learn to ignore and let go. Some attacks and rants need to be not engaged and simply ignored. The more they respond, the bigger and uglier the attack becomes .In year's past, the interaction was simply not this close and intimate. While having an assistant to do your tweeting may not be close, personal and authentic, it keeps you away from the emotion and upset. It also keeps the assessment objective and impersonal.

If it's not simply a defense mechanism but a release,then this is clearly not the place to vent and spout. Obviously reputations and good names are huge assets that must be protected. I advise my clients to not engage,do not spar,leave it to the lawyers. Usually one or two strong letters will shut it down. If necessary, legal action can always be pursued. Totally inappropriate use of social media is likely to violate the medium's rules and removal, blockage, shut down may occur with the right and proper notifications. Bullying abounds whether in school, at work or in the world of social media. Bullies should not be dignified or empowered. However, a lawyer who represents himself or herself has a fool for a client. The same holds true for the many others engaged and enraged by internet bullies.You cannot effectively spar for yourself when emotional and being attacked. Hire a great publicist or Super Lawyer. After all,you would not perform surgery on yourself-would you?