12/18/2006 11:25 am ET Updated 5 days ago

Mountain Patrols

BTR_Button_180x60.gifThe primary focus of the media coverage of US operations here in Afghanistan continues to focus on the war effort. Though the fight with the Taliban and insurgent forces is an ongoing reality, the US Army's main effort rests with Embedded Training Teams or ETTs. These are Army National Guard two-man teams that have been charged with the task of training and mentoring the Afghan National Army soldiers and command. This mission has traditionally been tasked to the Army's Special Forces. However, with the current level of US military operations, and with the needs and demands of this current period of warfare, a large part of this mission in Afghanistan has been handed off to the Army National Guard.

ETTs work and live closely with that Afghan National Army soldiers. The video, Mountain Patrols, was taken at a remote base in southeastern Afghanistan, providing a glimpse into the environment and daily challenges that these teams face.