02/10/2012 02:46 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

The Best Fashion Week Happenings

I am the President of One Management, which represents some of the biggest names for fashion week as well lots of iconic supermodels. Fashion week for me is the busiest week of the year and it's a whirlwind of bookings, fashion shows, events and non stop craziness. First up last night, was MILK STUDIOS and the Wu Tang Clan.

I don't really wait on a line for too many things these days, let alone in 30 degree weather February weather wearing only a slim Rick Owens jacket. But, to be honest, a event at MILK Studios during fashion week is always an event. Even my singer Courtney Love performed next to MILK for Alexander Wang not too long ago. So, when I got the memo about the nights happenings which included the Wu Tang Clan, Elvis getting married and my good friends, the rock star, cool couple Zanna and Rassi from MILK, hosting, I was there.

Being that I have to be at six places a night, I'll be honest, I didn't stay for the full set. I had to run to see the KILLS perform next door at the Standard hotel. While I was there, however, I did see numerous models like Heidi Mount, designer J Lindenberg sitting on the dance floor, an Elvis impersonator marrying supermodel Behati Prinsloo and more. It was pretty crowded, hence the long line to get in, but I almost forgot about the fact that I had to wait in line until they opened the doors.

It was my first stop for fashion week and something tells me that I'll have lots of other nights at MILK this week. Not only is it a pivotal location for the shows, it's a hot spot to see Ill have lots of other nights there this week as besides being a pivotal point for the shows its a hot spot to see every client in the world to me....