06/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Sherlock Holmes trailer... it's EXTREME!!!

As always, should the YouTube link go down, the official Quicktime version can be found here.

Yeah, yeah... this isn't the normal Sherlock Holmes that we know; this isn't your father's Sherlock Holmes. This is Sherlock Holmes... IN THE EXTREME! Much of the plotting and supernatural element seems to resemble the underrated Young Sherlock Holmes (which, by the way, contains one of the best end credits cookies ever)... but it's BAD ASS!! Yes, the trailer is selling to a very specific demographic, but this just looks incredibly stupid and condescendingly 'hip'. You like Playstation 3, Twitter, and Facebook? Well then you'll love our new bad-ass, bare-knuckle-brawling, Rachel McAdams-screwing (and rescuing), Jude Law abusing, Tony Stark-quippy Sherlock Holmes! Maybe a second, more serious trailer will alleviate fears, but this initial look looks inexplicably silly. A fellow blogger compared it to Wild Wild West, and I think that's an apt a comparison as any... but you know, in the EXTREME!

Scott Mendelson