09/11/2014 05:06 pm ET Updated Nov 11, 2014

There Is No Greater Truth Than Love

Riou via Getty Images

I am constantly amazed by the power of love. It has changed me and continues to change me all the time, every day, in countless ways. I am a kinder, more compassionate, more fulfilled man simply because I have made love my priority.

When I breathe into the love within me, I feel my entire body and mind open up. I am overcome with clarity, with the simple understanding that I am designed to be a being of love. It's like everything inside me says, "Yes, Scott, this is where you belong. This is your home." And it is. Love is my home. It is yours as well. Can you feel it?

We are at our best when we are in our love. Every interaction, each communication, every glance has the potential to touch another deeply when it is grounded in love. With love as the underlying intention behind our actions, we can trust in whatever outcome manifests. In love, there is no room for ego and manipulation. There is only room for healing.

Really, think about it. What heals more than love? What unites people, in a way that supports everyone's happiness and well-being, more than love? Nothing. It's time to recognize love as the most powerful force we humans have to change this world's reality. It's time to stand united behind love, to speak about it and write about it and share it in every way we can.

Sometimes, when I write about love, my ego starts chattering away, suggesting I sound silly and ungrounded, a man with his head swirling in the clouds rather than rooted in reality. So I remind my ego that love is my reality. The one reality I care about the most. The one reality that serves everyone and everything in a positive way. The one reality that has the potential to shift us away from all the incredibly misguided and dangerous realities on this planet. Isn't love the one reality we should be striving for?

To be honest, I am often not in the love zone. I get lost in ego, in anger, in blame, in self-pity, in whatever else doesn't serve my heart or the world. Being human is ugly a lot of the time. But I am committed, with everything I've got, to returning to love. I am committed to living beyond the darkness of my ego, because I know love's power, to heal myself and affect everyone I touch. Being human is beautiful a lot of the time, too.

Love is not a choice. It exists, everywhere and in each of us. We all know it well. To act from love, however, is a choice. To make love a priority, no matter what, is a choice. To commit oneself to being a messenger of love is a choice. The single best choice anyone of us can make.

If I had no other piece of advice for you, I would recommend one thing: Focus on love. Just focus on love, on giving and receiving love, as often and as generously as possible. If you do nothing else for your growth, for your sanity, for the people you care about in your life, just do this one thing and see what happens.

Things will start to change from there. I have experienced it firsthand. Once you call upon the love inside you, that love responds in big and unimaginable ways. It thrives on your openness to its existence and will start to color your world differently, as only love can. Our most beautiful artist.

You don't have to know how, or why, or when or what. Just focus on love, and let love take it from there. There is no greater gift you can give yourself, or the world, than living in the truth of your love.

And there is no greater truth than love.