10/20/2010 11:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 6

  1. Unless you're a professional stuntman, don't get in a car with Junior Seau.
  2. Miles Austin may have drawn an excessive celebration penalty for vaulting teammate Roy Williams after Williams' touchdown catch, but at least he stuck the landing.
  3. DeSean Jackson will not be appearing as a contestant on Jeopardy anytime soon.
  4. Brett Favre can blow off the NFL's security people if their request for a meeting doesn't fit into his schedule. That's the football equivalent of a "person of interest" in a criminal investigation telling the cops "I'm busy - come back later".
  5. James Harrison has learned the hard way that honesty isn't the best policy when discussing helmet-to-helmet hits.
  6. Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers won't be taking their offensive lines out to dinner anytime soon.
  7. No matter whom Andy Reid ultimately picks as his starting quarterback, the press will be sure to point out the inconsistencies in his decision-making process, and he won't care.
  8. Colt McCoy may not be the answer at quarterback for the Browns, but at this point he looks like a better answer than either Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace.
  9. If every pass Mike Vrabel catches is good for a touchdown you'd think the Chiefs would want to throw him the ball more often.
  10. Mike Singletary should just yell at Alex Smith at the beginning of every game to get it out of the way.