12/22/2010 06:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 15

  1. It may be the holiday season, but don't try convincing Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin that it's better to give (or punt) than to receive.
  2. If you're around Jets' head coach Rex Ryan, and he has a video camera in his hand, make sure your feet are covered.
  3. The only way Randy Moss will sign an eight-figure contract for next season is if you count the numbers after the decimal.
  4. Brian Cushing lost his helmet in an on-field fight with a teammate during a game. It's a good thing he didn't lose his head too.
  5. The Dolphins wish something would happen to their home stadium so that they'd be forced to play their home games in another city.
  6. Giants' punter Matt Dodge is a secret agent who's on the Eagles' payroll.
  7. Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe won't be offered a job in the NFL office when his playing days are over.
  8. Patriots' offensive lineman Dan Connolly should lobby Bill Belichick to take over Mike Vrabel's former role in New England's offense.
  9. Austin Collie still has more concussions this season (3) than the Panthers have wins (2). That never would have happened during the Jake Delhomme era.
  10. If people needed appendix donors, there would probably be a big scrum for Matt Cassel's.