02/12/2011 09:18 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Live From Tahrir Square

CNN Anchor Gloria Borger: And now we go live to Tahrir Square, where our correspondent Sean Carman is standing by. Sean, what's the mood down there?

Sean: Utter jubilation.

Gloria: It looks like quite a party down there.

Sean: Gloria, it's the biggest party I've ever seen. Fireworks. Dancing. Muslims and Christians embracing and singing songs. No one can stop smiling. I've never seen so many happy people.

Gloria: Sean, the Egyptian people have thrown off the shackles of 30 years of dictatorial oppression. What are their thoughts at this historic moment?

Sean: No way to know, Gloria. Right now they're just screaming their lungs out and dancing wildly on top of tanks and burned-out cars. There's also music playing. The music is so beautiful. Hang on, Gloria, I'm being group-hugged by a Coptic family.

Gloria: Sean, a lot of people are wondering: What's next for Egypt? Can we trust the military to lay the groundwork for democracy?

Sean: Can't hear you, Gloria. The cheering is just too loud. Wow, look at that Egyptian flag. That's the biggest flag I've ever seen. Can we get a shot of the flag?

Gloria: Sean, do you know if any of the protesters are meeting with the army? To discuss amending the constitution, or planning for elections?

Sean: The flag! Can you see it? My God, what a beautiful flag.

Gloria: Well, I think we've lost Sean. He can't hear us. Sean?

Sean: You know, Gloria, I covered Burning Man. But this is more intense. And Burning Man is a thousand half-naked people partying in the desert, Gloria, with incredible art, and also you never have to pay for beer. But I have to say, this is the better party.

Gloria: Sean, one last question. People there must be really proud. The Egyptian people have done something truly historic. They've won their freedom, for themselves and, God willing, generations to come. How does it feel to be among them?

Sean: Hang on, Gloria, another stranger wants to kiss me.

Gloria: I said, "They've won their freedom," Sean.

Sean: You know, Gloria, I think this is going to go on for days. Everyone here is so overjoyed. I just don't see this party slowing down anytime soon. The good people of Egypt have brought the light of peace and justice to a troubled world. Oh my God, the fireworks. Can you see the fireworks?

Gloria: Thanks, Sean. And that was Sean Carman, celebrating with the people of Egypt in Tahrir Square.