10/17/2008 02:26 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Soundtrack of War: Music by American Servicemembers and Veterans

Quoted from the Observer:

"My whole body was numb. I got up and limped towards the Humvee. A colleague was circling with blood dripping from his face. I shouted but he didn't react and I really thought I was a ghost. I thought I was dead.' In the mangled wreckage lay the body of his best friend. 'I didn't know there was anyone back there. He wasn't meant to be there.' They were both rushed back to the base and Dobbins remembers fighting off the doctors who were trying to give him morphine, desperate to know of Rojas's fate. 'I guess he died slightly after midnight.'

With his friend gone and the memories still raw, Dobbins picked up his guitar and started playing, releasing his emotions, grieving. At that time he thought about something his godmother had said when he was in his teens and struggling to cope with problems in his family: 'People need music; it helps you get through your day."

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I started TTFR over a year ago and I am so proud of the way each of our artists open up to the media. I think it's extremely good for them to get their feelings and emotions out. Every time I read an article or watch one of their videos I am reminded why we continue to go on.

For those that don't know, To The Fallen Records is the world's only military record label. We don't make any money. Our artists are not on MTV or CMT. However, the purpose of the label isn't to do either.

Our mission is to connect the civilian population directly to the service members in the military.

Too often we only hear from politicians and high-ranking generals. Only 9% of the entire country is now currently serving or is a veteran. That leaves over 91% of the public who don't know what it feels like to serve your country. Now they can hear directly from the military members themselves through an unfiltered medium we all can understand and appreciate... music.

The label itself is non-partisan. As long as the music is great we'll put it on a CD. With the military being the microcosm that it is, you will hear music on a range of issues and topics with various viewpoints. Similar to how NWA took you on a tour of Compton and country music opened your eyes to rural America, To The Fallen Records will open your eyes to the military lifestyle.

Also check out these two videos the Observer staff did with two of the artists:

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